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Barbarians | October 23, 2020 (United States) Summary: Torn between the mighty empire that raised him and his own tribal people, a Roman officer's conflicted allegiances lead to an epic historical clash.
Countries: GermanyLanguages: German, Latin

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Barbarians 2022 Season 2

Barbarians 2022, Since Varus’s defeat at the battle of Teutoburg Forest, the Cherusci have hidden themselves away in the depths of the Northern woodlands. A year has passed since the conflict.

Ari, who had become the Reik of the Cherusci tribe, is going to be appointed the king very soon, which would unite all of the tribes for the first time. During this time, the Roman traces left in the soil of Germania have not been removed completely.

Ari learns that a sizable Roman camp has just established itself in close proximity to his community, and that a substantial number of more soldiers are expected to arrive in the near future. Ari has come to the realisation that war is almost certainly going to break out, and he is working on uniting all of the tribes in order to battle the Romans.

Even when multiple different tribes joined forces, the number of people serving in the tribal army is still very small when compared to other armies. On the other hand, an eastern people group known as the Marcomanni brags about their staggering manpower of 70,000 troops.

Ari makes an effort to persuade the head of the Marcomanni people, whose name is Marbod, to fight with him against the Romans and drive them off their territory. Marbod, on the other hand, is someone who values peace and diplomacy a great deal.

Marbod makes peace arrangements with Commander Tiberius behind Ari’s back. Ari is unaware of these negotiations. However, Favlus, Ari’s brother, and Germanicus, Tiberius’s son, both break the peace treaties, which ultimately results in Marbod’s decision to change his mind.

The peace has been broken, and the battle can now officially begin; there will likely be a great number of fatalities on both sides. Tiberius and Germanicus escape the battlefield, but not before kidnapping Thusnelda and her newborn boy.

Folkwin passes away, but not before he tells Ari that Thumelicus is not his son and begs him to guarantee that he would care for Thumelicus as if he were his own. Folkwin then asks Ari to pledge that he will take care of Thumelicus as if he were his own. Flavus, who was Marbod’s secret lover and also Ari’s brother, passed away when the two were fighting.

The Barbarians emerge victorious from the engagement and go on to win the war. They will, however, suffer the loss of some of the most prominent people as a consequence of this action.

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