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Beautiful Billo | August 11, 2022 (India) Summary: In this ZEE5 original film, a pregnant Billo is secretly staying at Navi's empty house in the UK. Hilarity and chaos ensue when the newly-wed Navi and Sonika shift there too.
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Beautiful Billo 2022 Movie Review

Beautiful Billo 2022, Though the increasingly bizarre events in Beautiful Billo beg for a slapstick comedy, the book manages to hold your interest with pieces of wisdom like “Jaga apne andar ki chudail aur kar de uske saare waar putthe” (wake the witch inside you and defeat her at the game).

Everything you could want from a movie is here: a pregnant woman without identification, a wife who is sick of her husband’s family, a submissive man who is being blackmailed over his bachelor party photos, a slap-happy grandma, a flirtatious aunt with an adult son, sage-like girlfriends, and a cop who has already caught 98 illegal immigrants and is hoping to make a century.

He’s a sardarji officer who brags that his “eyes are constantly crimson” and that if he opens his lips, “maa-behen ki gaalis” would spill out. Nonetheless, I am successful…

They are a modest guy named Navi and his fiery wife Sonika, and they have recently moved into their own place. Sonika doesn’t want to be an unpaid slave to her husband’s family (and many cousins) who make her do nothing but cook and clean dishes till her hands look like Sunny Deol’s. They have had a constant stream of uninvited visitors. Billo comes first.

Indeed, Billo is a really attractive dog. Billo is an expert at getting what she wants. While waiting for Navi’s husband to return from Scotland with paperwork to “make permanent” their immigration status, Billo will be staying with her. Additionally, Billo is expecting a child. Up till her paperwork is in order, how many fibs does Billo have left in her arsenal? Does anybody believe her fibs?

In order to complicate matters for Billo, Navi’s grandma joins forces with the aunt and her son. It’s Grandma’s opinion that Billo is really Navi’s wife. Navi and Billo must lie some more to grandmother, claiming that Sonika is really the wife. In order for Sonika to live like a queen, she must devise a plan to expel Billo from her home. The situation becomes much more confusing when Navi claims that his pal Shinde is Billo’s spouse.

When Dadi starts slapping more people, Shinde ends up joining Navi and Sonika in their house. You’ll root for Navi, but the film is really about the ladies. The nephew, who is called Kalya (darkie) by his aunt and uncle, is understandably sceptical of the goings-on in the home, but his inquisitive nature puts him in hot water.

I like how they never waver from their focus on Billo’s illegality, regardless of the circumstances. Regular phone calls from Billo to her spouse keep the suspense going and confirm that she does, in fact, have a husband.

You think you’re going to make me clean the dishes because I’m going to strike you so hard that your imaginary kidney stones will fly out of your body? I made my hubby clean the dishes!’), but the real laughs come when dadi accidentally solicits.

I’ve adored Neeru Bajwa ever since I saw Jatt & Juliet, and she’s different from other Bollywood leading ladies in that she can carry a movie on her own. It’s all Billo in this movie… When I say “Neeru Bajwa,” you understand that I mean her. In her presence, everyone else seems to shrink. Rubina Bajwa, Neeru’s real-life sister and the actress who portrays Sonika, is stunningly beautiful and exudes magnetic on-screen charisma.

The score is always there, and there were times when I thought we could have done without it; but, with all the slapping going on, it serves its purpose. I thought my nieces who are obsessed with creating short videos for social media might like this song, so I sent it to them.

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