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Doctor G | October 14, 2022 (India) Summary: Uday Gupta finds himself as the lone male student in the Gynaecology department. His reluctance leads to chaos, confusion, comedy and eventually, great camaraderie with his fellow classmates... Read all
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Doctor G 2022 Movie Review

Doctor G 2022, Two films are combined into one in Doctor G. The film’s first half is a depressing cringefest, complete with gags that fail to make the audience laugh, clichéd characters, and a horrible funky soundtrack that seems out of place in the twenty-first century. The second half of the picture, which occurs after the intermission, is distinctly distinct from the first. There are a few tearjerker scenes in here. The Ayushmann Khurrana formula for coming-of-age stories is pushed to its limits in this superb film. The performances of Ayushmann and Shefali Shah, though, keep the picture enjoyable despite its jarring nature.
The movie Doctor G is quite Ayushmann Khurrana. It follows a man from a tiny village who finds himself in an odd predicament. Time and the support of his loved ones help him see beyond other people’s opinions, allowing him to overcome his initial reluctance and eventually come to terms with his unique set of imperfections. That seems like the storyline of Badhaai Ho or Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui or maybe even Vicky Donor, but I’m not sure. The gist is clear to you at this point. Ayushmann is the lone male medical student in a Bhopal medical school, where gynaecology is a taboo topic and where women are assumed to predominate.

As the film makes apparent, the protagonist is a sexist. It doesn’t want you to like Dr. Uday Gupta, but it does want you to connect to him, at least from the perspective of the middle-class, small-town, patriarchal structure that you’ve seen elsewhere. Thus, he is not likeable but is easily understandable. Ayushmann finishes up the job. It’s become much too simple for him to inhabit such a role, and unfortunately, it’s starting to appear repetitious. Repeating the same format each year while changing just the garnish is boring.
And it gets off to a terrible start. The comedic element of the social comedy is poorly executed. Jokes about men or women giving birth to a guy are dated and infantile. Crying every minute during the first hour of the film, you may start to doubt the movie’s worth. Once Shefali Shah makes an appearance, that cringefest is immediately halted. Dr. Nandini, chief of the gynaecology department, is every bit as formidable and alluring as one would expect. I really wanted to see more of her and less of the forced humour that the authors were obviously going for.
Several people are introduced to the audience as the film follows Uday as he reluctantly enrols in college and is treated like garbage by his fellow seniors. The majority of these people vanish without a trace after that. The editing is flawed, rendering some scenes unnecessary and making it difficult to follow the plot. Ayushmann seems to be coasting through all of this, yet he also seems tired with the material in the screenplay. Dr. Fatima, played by Rakul Preet Singh, is his superior (and eventual love interest), and she’s OK, but she doesn’t add much to the tale apart from a few memorable moments when she shows Uday a mirror. However, many of these moments are ruined by the too clever speech.

However, the movie changes drastically after the intermission. You wouldn’t be blamed for wondering whether you somehow ended yourself at the incorrect theatre. Despite its bombastic finale, Doctor G is a sensitive, emotional, uplifting, and consistently excellent film after the intermission. A lot of serious topics like gender inequality and medical ethics are covered, yet the film never becomes preachy. In the first part, the writing restrains Doctor G, but in the second, the opposite is true. Strange as it is, I can’t say that I have any complaints about the enhancement.
Despite Ayushmann Khurrana’s easygoing demeanour, he should realise that his film’s concept has become stale. There’s still time for him to start again. Rakul Preet, who is sincere and charming in her little screen time, is unfortunately underutilised. Shefali Shah is the main attraction. As I have stated before, I will say it again. She is performing at the highest level of her career right now and is undeniably one of the best actresses in the nation. Again, she demonstrates this by deftly balancing authority and tenderness. To me, Ayesha Kaduskar’s performance as a teenager who falls for a married guy many years her senior was the film’s biggest surprise. Her poise and dignity in taking on such a demanding task for such a short period of time is inspiring.
The film Doctor G had great potential but fell short. When considering the first fifty percent, though, it becomes clear that things might have been far worse. Overall, it’s an average social drama about adolescence that will find an audience. It avoids being preachy, but there are cringeworthy moments despite its efforts at clean humour. The performances are what salvage it, however, giving fresh vitality to an otherwise stale narrative. If nothing else, watch it for them.

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