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Dybbuk: The Curse Is Real | October 29, 2021 (United States) Summary: Mahi, a newly married woman, brings an antique Jewish box into her home. When Mahi and her husband Sam begin to have paranormal experiences, they soon learn that the box is a dybbuk containi... Read all
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Dybbuk: The Curse Is Real 2021 Movie Review

Dybbuk: The Curse Is Real 2021, Jewish-themed movies are very uncommon in the Indian film industry, and a horror movie based on Jewish mythology is even less common, despite the fact that there are a number of terrible beings and creatures in Jewish tradition. As a result, when filmmaker Jay Krishnan told us that the film would tell the tale of the evil spirits known as Dybbuks, our hopes were quite high. But unfortunately.

A clinging demon is referred to as a Dybbuk in traditional Jewish mythology. These demons will attach themselves to pious souls or to those whose body and spirit are not linked; to put it another way, they will attach themselves to those who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to transmigrate. The devil would then direct the soul of the renegade into the body of a human being who was still alive. This would provide a safe haven for the soul while also providing the demon with an opening to assume control of the possessed individual’s physical form.

It is not only necessary to rescue a person who is possessed in order to perform an exorcism on a Dybbuk, which involves eliminating the harmful energies from a pure soul. This is a combat taking place in a larger cosmic conflict. In order to coax the stubborn soul out of the body in which it is sitting, a ceremony that is both dramatic and horrifying must be performed. In the presence of ten Jewish males who have attained holiness as a result of their fasting and participation in ceremonial immersions, a ceremony is carried out inside of the synagogue.


The film is a simple narrative of a mixed couple (Christian boy, Hindu girl) – Samuel Isaac (Emraan Hashmi) and Mahi Sood (Nikita Dutta), who arrive in Mauritius due of Samuel’s posting. The film uses these two components (the genesis and the exorcism) from the legend.


While Mahi and her husband are in the process of setting up their home in Mauritius, Mahi purchases a box from an antique store that has an exquisite pattern and turns out to be the Pandora’s Box. They soon begin to encounter supernatural occurrences in their home, and to make things worse, the couple discovers that Mahi is expecting a child, further complicating the situation. The most important aspect of this story is how they pinpoint the source of the evil and cast it out.


“Dybbuk: The Curse is Real” is a horror movie that fails to live up to expectations in every aspect of its production. In spite of the creepy atmosphere, the story is rife with clichés and has a choppy flow, despite the fact that it adheres to all of the conventions of the horror genre. The majority of the sequences, including the conversation and performers, have an appearance that is staccato and perfunctory. Instead of developing tension and suspense, the pauses and dramatic gazes make the moments look excessively contrived and far from sinister. A good example of this is when the Catholic priest (played by Denzil Smith) arrives to Sam’s home.


But in terms of appearance, there are two photos that stand out. The first image is a low-angle photo that captures Markus (Manav Kaul), the son of the Rabbi, as well as a spinning mass of thousands of birds in the sky above. The murmuration is a spectacular event to see. And the second scene depicts the moment when a burning rod is used to strike Ezra (Imaad Shah), the youngster who is transformed into a dybbuk.

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