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Fate: The Winx Saga | January 22, 2021 (United States) Summary: A live-action adaptation of Nickelodeon's Winx Club (2004). It follows Bloom as she adjusts to life in the Otherworld, where she must learn to control her dangerous magical powers.
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Fate: The Winx Saga 2 (2022) Season 2 Review

Fate: The Winx Saga, Season 2 is better and worse than the first season in mysterious ways. There’s a lot more witchcraft and a more pressing storyline with Blood Witches, murder, and weird slug-like monsters. On the other hand, there is a lot more cliched teen romance, illogical behaviour on the part of the characters, and a general absence of rationality on the part of many of the fairies, who shift from being sane to being emotionally disturbed to being haughty as the situation demands. As a result, the season is choppy and disconnected, which will likely make it more divisive than the first. is better and worse than the first season in mysterious ways. There’s a lot more witchcraft and a more pressing storyline with Blood Witches, murder, and weird slug-like monsters. On the other hand, there is a lot more cliched teen romance, illogical behaviour on the part of the characters, and a general absence of rationality on the part of many of the fairies, who shift from being sane to being emotionally disturbed to being haughty as the situation demands. As a result, the season is choppy and disconnected, which will likely make it more divisive than the first.

This time around, the action occurs after last year’s climax. Rosalind now runs the school in place of Dowling, and she’s more like Dolores Umbridge than Dumbledore. Some pupils have gone missing, and the violence among the Specialists outside has escalated as they prepare for the worst. Who is responsible for this? Well, we find out quite quickly (and I won’t tell it here) who the main villain is, setting up a battle for the rest of this season.

As the mystery is revealed and we reaffirm that Bloom is the “chosen one,” the plot becomes much more predictable. Bloom, who is in possession of the Dragon Flame, must use it to defeat the forces of evil while still maintaining the happiness of her friends and her love with Sky.

Despite this, Fate: The Winx Saga still has the same issues as previous season. Visually, the whole thing is rather boring and lacks the special something that would set it apart from other teen dramas. The locations used throughout the 7 episodes are primarily dilapidated offices and large halls, with some ancient ruins serving as the series’s only real standout. The increased use of cell phones, parties, and alcohol, however, feels out of place next to more traditional practises like excommunication and sword battles between the Specialists.

The authors obviously intend to combine elements of fantasy with those of contemporary romance, but their efforts in this regard are about as successful as trying to serve bad food to Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares. Unfortunately, none of the romantic relationships are given any attention, and by the conclusion, most of our fairy characters are back where they started.

Some of our characters’ complete lack of reason has been the biggest challenge this season. In one episode, Bloom in particular spends the entire time warning her group not to fall into a blatant trap. They ignore the warning and end up being ambushed. Bloom’s pals spend the better part of the next episode warning her not to fall into a glaringly obvious trap. She ignores him and continues on her way. It’s annoying to watch, and problems like these persist throughout the entire season.

Despite its many problems, Fate: The Winx Saga is not without its share of strengths. Some effective CGI is used this time around, and there are a few shocking fatalities that will take you off guard. These bright spots are unfortunately overshadowed by the show’s general lack of quality as it attempts to reconcile the uncomfortable teen romance plot with the magical drama elements. Like the first season, Fate is conventional fantasy that doesn’t do much in the way of magical realism.

Episode 1

Fate: Winx Saga Episode 1 Season 2 begins with a woodsy party. Ivy and Devin kiss away from the group, but Ivy grabs two daggers and stabs herself. Devin runs away in fear and is attacked by a strange thing.

Rosalind runs the Academy and asks Bloom about last season. She’s unhappy with how prepped the kids are, saying the wilderness holds many evils. Bloom is determined to find Dowling. Bloom is confident she can perform better despite the Solarian Army’s search.

Bloom learns that Saul Silva is being sent to Polaris. Bloom thinks it’s a bad sentence. Bloom wants to stop Andreas’ campaign.

Silva is their sole link to Dowling, so Bloom decides to release him. Surprisingly, the fairies agree. This caravan will be 10km from the school.

Andreas’ route crosses a river, but Terra says a drunken mistake with the fairies burned it down. The Specialists must choose a side path with additional cover. That’s the perfect place to ambush a caravan.

Aisha and Grey cause drama. The latter teases Aisha after a swim, thinking she’s ogling his great abs and body. She’s not happy he’s dripping on her luggage.

Aisha doesn’t like him (ha!) so they’ll get together later this season. Aisha gets a message from Grey shortly before they leave, and she’s upset that her pals passed on her number so casually.

Stella’s rebuke by Rosalind ruins the plan. She forbids invisibility magic. Rosalind acquiesces. She attaches a gem-like device to Stella’s back. This keeps her in school and protects her from becoming invisible.

Bloom wanders off once the other women arrive at the broken bridge. She finds purple blood on a leaf and gives it to Terra before they free Saul.

Without Stella, Terra grabs the key with her vines and gives it to their prisoner. Bloom’s gas-lighting causes the car behind Silver to explode, freeing Silver. Saul scrambles through the bushes but is arrow-stabbed. He dives into a river below a chasm and escapes.

Silva is free, but he says things will grow rougher at the Academy. Rosalind has royal archives access. Ancient writings and antiquities are stored here. She’s ambitious. Whatever she’s plotting started with Bloom 17 years ago.

Bloom tells Rosalind she’s holding back on her magic that night. She doesn’t want to hold back and wants to hear Rosalind’s plan.

As the episode ends, one of the year’s big mysteries is solved. Rosalind seems to be behind the bizarre creature attacks, as bloodied Devin walks to the dormitory. “Rosalind.”

Episode 2

Fate: Winx Saga Episode 2 Terra begins season 2 gathering mushrooms. Last episode showed that being alone isn’t always a good thing. Terra detects trouble and summons vines. Flora appears when the vines bloom.

Flora and her buddy return to the academy, where Rosalind is in control and huge changes are afoot. The gang also notices the stranger with bite marks and cuts, who merely says “Rosalind.”

Flora’s entrance raises conflict with Terra. Flora is bossy and knowledgeable because she had a tutor over the summer.

Rosalind is upset that Andreas lost Silva. She magically chokes him to express scorn. The duels continue when Andreas returns outside. This time, it’s simply punches and kicks.

Bloom waits for Rosalind to depart before searching her drawers. She finds an arcane book full of spells and the thing that attacked students last episode in a large photograph. Bloom snaps a photo and returns the book just as Rosalind arrives.

Rosalind instantly realises what Bloom is doing and calls her out. “Don’t want that?” Challenges.

Andreas questions Sebastian about Silva. Silva is kept near, so Andreas uses force to acquire answers. After knocking Sebastian through a cabinet, Andreas checks the storage room (which is under a spell, preventing him from seeing the real room) and leaves.

After class, Bloom transmits the photo to the others and tries to decipher the symbols and text. Sky and Bloom visit Silva. They ride wild horses along the road.

Stella continues to struggle because of the jewel on her back. Beatrix keeps snooping and, after failing with Stella, turns to Sky. Or Sky’s.

Riven discovers her looking through his gear and asks why. She mentions Silva’s departure and desire for truth.

Sky doesn’t want to go inside Bloom’s old house. After Bloom translates the book, he rejoins his girlfriend. Andreas drives up, so the couple hides with the book under the floorboards.

Flora wakes Devin with Terra’s adrenalin serum. After seeing a photo of the thing who assaulted him, he gets agitated and unrestrained, knocking Musa down and escaping Terra’s vines. He’s in Stella’s way.

Andreas hears about Devin’s escape from school and leaves. Unfortunately, he notices the photographs posted on the pin-up board are misaligned and susses out that he’s not alone.

He burns down the house to deliver a message. Andreas burns Bloom and Sky’s house with gasoline while they’re inside. Bloom holds Sky while making a makeshift forcefield around them.

Rosalind returns to the academy and tries to calm Devin, who threatens her with a knife. Rosalind’s power raises him, but he falls and is killed. Terra injects the serum, covering for Flora. Rosalind empties the office.

The gang realises the spellbook page references a summoning magic. It’s ancient, non-elemental magic. Rosalind appears to be using these to attack fairies.

Aisha recognises one of the symbols, and using their abilities of reasoning, they assume Rosalind is stealing magic from fairies to become stronger. Rosalind killed Devin to bury the secret, but deeper troubles loom.

Beatrix joins Rosalind in witnessing Andreas, Riven, and Sky being choked. Beatrix tells Rosalind that Riven is hiding something.

Episode 3

Fate: Winx Saga Episode 3 Sky notices Silva in season 2. He apologises and attempts to make amends. Sky tells him to leave and never return.

Silva meets Andreas. What’s your secret? He’s dumbfounded. Wherever you hid… You wonder how these guys located you when you return to academy. Rosalind then takes him to the East Wing. The escape plan failed.

The Academy prepares for the Alumni Banquet. Every major Alfea graduate over the past 50 years will attend. Bloom and Aisha are out shopping for Aisha’s 20-point plan to become headmistress.

They don’t just shop. Sebastian advises escaping Saul Silva from the East Wing during the Banquet. They assume that’s where the other Fairies are. This night may also help Bloom and the other fairies. Rosalind’s role as headmistress is uncertain. Orchestrating a disastrous night (i.e. proving she’s dishonest and stealing fairies’ powers) would be the perfect incentive to ensure their plan succeeds and Rosalind is dethroned.

Stella explains the night’s two incidents. Mixer for alums and students, then banquet for alums and VIPs. Even without her mother, Stella is a VIP.

Many notable people arrive on the big day. Bloom decides to enter the East Wing herself to avoid suspicion.

Grey and Aisha haven’t reconciled after last episode’s discomfort. Musa assures Grey that Aisha likes him.

Musa searches Sam’s luggage and finds Eldwyn Amalgam and a syringe. Sam detects Rosalind’s spying and vows revenge.

Musa reveals she’s been calming Sam’s rage for weeks but didn’t realise it would affect him that much. Sam is upset and demands her leave.

Rosalind takes Bloom to the banquet and decides to spend the evening with her. She’s a star pupil utilised to help Rosalind. Bloom meets major people in the magic world, putting him in danger.

Bloom can’t enter the East Wing, and Sam plans to stab Rosalind, so everything is in danger. Stella’s father appears intoxicated and berates Sky and Bloom.

Rosalind offers Bloom a pep talk away from the table, telling her she’s a special fairy and she’s on her side, even though Bloom busted Silva out. Flora and Aisha wander the East Wing while Bloom is conflicted.

Aisha worries about her feelings for Grey because she’s never had a boyfriend. While talking, they stumble across an abandoned lab and a terrifying beast.

Aisha’s power keeps it from pounceing on her. These items absorb magic, so it doesn’t work. It ambushes Aisha from behind. Aisha has amazing reflexes and catches it midair. Flora burns it with a vial and takes a picture as proof.

Bloom gets a change of heart and decides they shouldn’t continue. Stella rolls her eyes and says Rosalind is blinded by fame. Stella decides to publicly expel Rosalind.

Musa heads to tell Ben what happened. He’s not upset at her for soothing him, but he’s not okay. After what happened, his father can’t teach in Alfea.

Inside, Rosalind and Devin refute Stella’s tale. Rosalind explains she was trying to help, not hurt, the students.

Rosalind’s study has taught her about Realm of Darkness Scrapers. She’s been attempting to figure out what these Scrapers are and how to stop them.

It seems a Blood Witch is calling these scrapers. Rosalind cautions that if their old enemies keep stealing their magic, fairy magic could disappear.

Rosalind praises Stella and the others for being alert, but they’re hustled away. Except Bloom. Bloom is the fairy who carries the Dragon Flame and can save their planet.

Rosalind confides in Bloom and admits she’s pardoned Silva, wanting to draw a line. They must cooperate to stop the Blood Witches.

Beatrix is attacked by scrapers as the episode ends.

Episode 4

Fate: Winx Saga Episode 4 Andreas visits Rosalind’s workplace in Season 2. Beatrix has been missing for 3 days, which worries him. Rosalind tells him not to become emotional.

The academy is buzzing over Bloom’s “chosen one” story. Aisha backs up our protagonist, saying it’s just this week’s news and will die down shortly.

Instead, they research Blood Witches and Bloom’s Dragon Flame. This magic appears during combat. If so, a war may be imminent.

Bloom is Rosalind’s second-in-command and is researching Blood Witches. Rosalind leaves for the capital, but Bloom should stay cautious and research.

Bloom is convinced she can fend off the Witches because she’s the chosen one. Rosalind announces Beatrix’s abduction and warns Bloom not to let emotion cloud her judgement.

Saul Silva takes over outside, teaching Specialists archery. Musa is encouraged to utilise her Mind power to calm them after attacks. In progress.

Flora helps Terra in the greenhouse until she meets Riven. Terra isn’t happy, but she quickly forgets when the kids head to the pub for drinks.

Sky and Riven are there, but their flirtation worries Terra. She calls Riven a nasty guy, but Flora gets annoyed and leaves Terra. Stella is absent because she can’t leave school grounds.

Drama and stress abound among the kids as Andreas meets with his contact to find Beatrix. The true Blood Witch, who is watching from a distance, fools Andrea. Whoever this is, they choke him.

Beatrix sends the academy youngsters a message from some ruins outside town. The kids realise it may be an old lodge. Bloom warns them not to go. Stella ignores that and insists they rush in.

Bloom tells the others about Beatrix’s abduction. Others reject and leave. Aisha and Grey are absent, discussing their aspirations and dreams in the countryside. And they kiss. Tiny neon-lit bugs emerging from the water.

Musa joins Sky and Riven that night at the lodge. The other fairies go home and fidget. Stella sits with the others and explains why she hasn’t been utilising magic. She leaves, embarrassed.

Musa and the others discover Beatrix, but fall into a trap. Why, yes. Blood Witches control Andreas.

Scrapers assault Musa as she runs. She calls Bloom and the others in time for Saul Silva to stop a killing blow. Sky and Riven get Beatrix out while Musa stays inside.

Bloom realises Sebastian is the Blood Witch while Silva and Andreas fight. Bloom appears alone, powerless. Sebastian channels fairy magic for his own wicked purposes.

Sebastian invites Bloom to join him and discover her birth parents. Aisha saves the day by arriving first. This standoff is deadlocked.

Bloom tells Rosalind that Sebastian is the Blood Witch. Given his shop’s portal, they assume he’s returned to the First World.

Flora and Terra’s tension is resolved when Terra admits she’s jealous of Flora and Riven but will support her friend no matter what she does. Terra reveals she’s gay in a beautiful conversation.

Sky returns to Bloom shattered after the episode. Silva fatally stabbed Andreas. Riven bursts in, cradling a bloodied Musa, requesting aid.

Episode 5

Fate: Winx Saga Episode 5 Bloom calls Sebastian from the woods to start season 2. He doesn’t fall for Rosalind and Bloom’s trap. This Blood Witch is more interested in building an army and employing scrapers to channel magic into himself.

Aisha doesn’t like that Bloom is being used as bait, but she wants to assist Musa regain her magic after the ruins event. Between exercises with Rosalind, she watches the Specialists spar with Riven.

Sky suggests Bloom use the book to meet Sebastian. Aisha disagrees and has an other plan. She suggests utilising an unusual gem to “jump-start” Musa’s fairy powers. Aisha thinks this is safer than trading a spell book with a Blood Witch. Her rationale is hard to dispute.

Rosalind visits Andreas’ grave after he dies. Bloom realises she cared about Andreas, and Rosalind says his death is “crap.”

Rosalind and Silva tell Sky about the East Wing break-in when she returns. Whom? Sky passed out intoxicated there, as the episode reveals. Silva helps him because his anguish prevents him from training.

Fairies conjure energy balls to help Musa, but they need more. Choosen one must use Dragon Flame. Bloom blasts a flame into the crystal. Musa has cold feet and drops the rock before they finish the rite.

Bloom meets Sebastian for the trade-off when his plan fails. Remember when Bloom worried they were walking into a trap? She’s walking into one. Scar said, “I’m surrounded by idiots.”

Bloom leaves Sky and Rosalind without informing them where she’s heading. In her absence, the other fairies’ magic becomes erratic.

Aisha thinks they messed with the gem and urges them to finish the ceremony. Their powers may spark randomly till then. The group one-by-one discharges magic into the crystal, which works.

Musa voluntarily gave up her powers while sitting with Riven outside. Sam has apparently decided not to utilise magic after what transpired.

Bloom meets Sebastian for lunch. He immediately dominates the area and offers Bloom a counteroffer: hand over the book and he’ll teach her how to get Musa’s power back. For knowledge.

The solutions are in the spellbook, because duh. Sebastian learned to read from his father. His dad was enamoured with the Dragon Flame and teased Bloom to discover more about her destiny.

Sebastian sees two options. First, they can use a scraper to transfer Sebastian’s magic to Musa. Not exactly willing. The alternative? Bloom must destroy him to restore everyone’s magic.

Aisha calls Bloom after the meeting to warn her to discharge her magic into the crystal. Bloom is convinced she can control her magic without it, so she walks with Sebastian. She kill?

While we consider, the other kids go warn Rosalind. Rosalind fears Bloom will kill Sebastian.

Sebastian takes advantage of Bloom’s turmoil and offers to “correct the wrongs of Aster Bell” in exchange for learning about her birth mother. Sebastian stirs up trouble by saying Rosalind killed Dowling. He leaves, leaving Bloom to decide.

Bloom confronts Rosalind in the graveyard about killing Dowling. Rosalind stops Bloom with her own magic and says they could have governed together as powerful fairies in the Otherworld.

Rosalind freezes Bloom to use the Dragon Flame. Or attempts. Rosalind taunts Bloom too much, and he destroys her power, sending a shockwave across the forest. This also burns Rosalind, leaving the academy and war in limbo.

Episode 6

Fate: Winx Saga Episode 6 Silva briefs Season 2’s youngsters. Silva and Bavani agreed to control Bloom. Queen Luna announces via projection that Rosalind is dead and Blood Witches are to blame. The people think so. She knows the truth.

While Terra and Flora travel to the graves, they meet Kat. It’s been a while since this programme had any romance or angst, so there’s some flirtation. Kat is back with her girlfriend when Terra gives her a surprise.

Grey’s ties to Aisha were a fiction, as he was with the Blood Witch. He meets Sebastian and the two consider killing the fairies.

Bloom has an upcoming court hearing. She goes solo instead of hiding. Bloom warns Sky to stay away. She fears losing control of her powers and hurting him. So he leaves.

Bloom’s morning fate is uncertain. Queen Luna asks her what happened. Stella defends Bloom, pointing up Dowling’s odd demise. Luna says it’s rumour until they uncover proof.

Terra and Flora search the cemetery for proof. Terra is desperate and uses magic to uncover what’s underground. She finds no body but a mystical artefact.

Stella stalls Luna by calling Aisha as a character witness. Luna responds that Grey’s records are fabricated and she knows he’s lying and working with Sebastian. Bloom decides to assume responsibility for Aisha’s actions, citing self-defense.

Queen Luna plans otherwise. She chooses to freeze Bloom for 20 years and reevaluate her then. Stella is stunned and helpless as she watches. Luna removes Stella’s magic jewel and restores her powers.

Flora returns and identifies the nest-like object found in the graveyard. She frees Bloom from stasis before telling this.

This object is a resurrection plant. Fairies fed it the last of the Convergence Crystal’s Dragon Flame, and it opened. Dowling’s ghost was inside!

Dowling knew what Rosalind planned and asked nature to protect her essence, at least temporarily. She owed them “one last goodbye.” She’s teaching them about transformation magic. She could tell Queen Luna Rosalind killed her, couldn’t she? No? OK.

Bloom and Dowling decide to go for a walk, but Bavani notices and searches the halls. They walk through the academy and sit on a bench outside. After a motivational talk, the other fairies arrive and bid Dowling farewell.

The Specialists sneak inside Sebastian’s compound to stop the Blood Witches. It’s vacant. Silva realises Sebastian expected them.

Sebastian and the gang are inside the academy as we cut through. Who’s the mole? Beatrix. She allows him in and turns off the lights as scrapers flood the basement.

Episode 7

Fate: Winx Saga Episode 7 The scrapers attack the school in Season 2. Beatrix and Sebastian eventually knock down Flora. Beatrix whispers to Musa, who leaves. Flora joins the other fairies and Specialists in the basement.

Later that evening, Bloom investigates the basement and finds a mysterious, whirling mass of magic. This was revealed to be a portal into the Underworld. Before his death, Sebastian apparently had enough magic to unlock it.

As we all know, you need to be on the opposite side of the gap in order to successfully close it. Sky appears and tries to dissuade Bloom from her imminent action, but to no avail. She has gone so far as to affirm her intentions in writing. Bloom leaves the gathering and passes through the door on his own.

When the other students discover all of the letters Bloom had written for them the following morning, they are devastated. Meanwhile, Bloom is out exploring the Realm when she spots a mysterious castle off in the distance. Inside is Bloom’s mother. We cut to the cemetery as Stella approaches it, where a mysterious shadowy figure materialises and observes her from a distance.

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