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Game of Thrones | April 17, 2011 (United States) Summary: Nine noble families fight for control over the lands of Westeros, while an ancient enemy returns after being dormant for millennia.
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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Review

Game Of Thrones Season 6, For fans of “Game of Thrones,” 2016 was a watershed year. The sixth season of HBO’s epic fantasy drama, which had already won the world and become the cable network’s most successful show ever, presented the show with its greatest challenge to date: moving the story forward beyond The Wall, into uncharted territory, ahead of George RR Martin’s unfinished book series.

After a season that seemed to be fading in popularity, and while riding a large hype-wave thanks to a cliffhanger that had become a global pop culture’moment’ with the question, “Is Jon Snow dead?” the next run of the show had more pressure than ever before.

Season 6 was a make-or-break year for Game of Thrones, as we said at the time: “destined to go down in history as the moment when it set its own path and held a solid seat on the small screen’s Iron Throne,” or “where everything went south after diverging from Martin’s novels.”

Game of Thrones continues to dominate the television landscape. Season 6 was not perfect, but it restored the confidence that had been lost in parts of Season 5 and moved confidently ahead with very fulfilling character journeys that seemed like a natural continuation of the roads Martin had placed everyone on.

The mystery of who Jon Snow was was solved early on, which was a smart move. His death was confirmed in the first episode. The person is lifeless, cold, and blue. Melisandre kept him alive until the conclusion of Season 2, Episode 2. Was it a shock? It wasn’t, but figuring out what Jon Snow would do next was the exciting part.

He wasn’t just some minor character who sulked about the “other side,” but rather a significant one who rallied the Wildlings and other northern families to retake Winterfell with Sansa Stark by his side.

The return of the Starks to power was a heartening and rousing step towards the story’s endgame, even if Snow’s battle against the sadistic Ramsay Bolton felt more black-and-white than the show’s usual swirl of murky greys (Bolton was more cartoonishly villainous than he’s ever been, from killing his own father to feeding his newborn half-brother to his dogs, as Jon emerged more firmly than ever as the’main her

Cersei’s rash actions wiped out the Tyrells, the High Sparrow, and the Faith Militant all at once, but if anybody would wipe out all of her adversaries in a flash of green flame to escape being brought down themselves, it’s Cersei. An equally shocking development was Tommen’s suicidal depression, which put a proper stop to his slack leadership.

The Dorne plan was thankfully put to rest, Daenerys’s momentum was higher than it had been in years, and the Greyjoys were granted a fresh lease on life.

Other delightful shocks were Cersei’s sudden ascension to the Iron Throne and the long-awaited reappearance of The Hound. Ian McShane also had an outstanding one-episode storyline. Who could have said that 10 weeks ago?

There is always demand for Game of Thrones to expand, even as the cast is reduced and the narratives merge, and Season 6 lived up to those expectations. All the “major events” in the season finale, from Jon Snow’s resurrection to Daenerys’s burning of the Khals to the Night King’s assault on the cave of the Three Eyed Raven to Hodor’s death to the Battle of the Bastards, to the collapsing dominoes, were delivered with heart, scope, and horror.

The calmer times also showed substantial improvement. Season 6 did a far better job of striking a balance between effects and their causes than did Season 5. Cersei’s schemes to force a trial by fight, Jon and Sansa’s attempts to gather an army, and Jaime Lannister’s efforts at Riverrun all provided a counterpoint to the violence and mayhem. Tyrion was given the title he earned as Daenerys’ Hand of the Queen, while Davos had his say on Melisandre.

And with Bran’s return came crucial insights about Westeros’ past, including the identity of Jon Snow’s biological parents and the narrative behind the rise and fall of the Night King. There was a lot of spoiling that went on, but the flashbacks also provided satisfying resolutions to lingering storylines and dropped just enough indications about what was to come that fans could spend each week speculating about the show’s potential future developments.

The best part is that the programme naturally provided strong arcs for its female characters after the unpleasant portions of Season 5: Daenerys, in command and preparing to return to Westeros, Arya’s realisation that she couldn’t be “no-one,” and Yara’s quest for the Iron Islands; Sansa, ambitious and knowledgeable, toughened by her experiences. Whether or not this is the direction Martin’s novels are taking, or whether or not the show’s creators listened to critiques from the previous season, it was a refreshing shift that didn’t compromise the show’s core values or the brutality of the mediaeval setting.

Arya’s narrative had more holes than her strangely healing knife wounds, and Tyrion remained mired in Meereen with nothing to do, but that doesn’t mean Season 6 was without flaws. Given that Game of Thrones is notorious for murdering off its characters and is reluctant to bring them back to life, it would have been intriguing to see Jon Snow more mentally wounded by his trip into the afterlife (or lack thereof).

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