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High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule 2022 Season 1 Review

High: Confessions of an Ibiza Drug Mule 2022, North Ireland is the place of Michaella McCollum’s upbringing. She had just turned 19 when she left home and headed for Ibiza in search of adventure. Never before did she try cocaine, despite frequenting many different beaches and parties, until she began working as a bartender at a nightclub. Her life took an unexpected turn the day she began using narcotics.

Michaella quickly became a close friend of a “tall dark gorgeous young guy” (who matched her description) after landing the job. Davey was his name, and he was an honest drug dealer but a non-user. Michaella was drawn to him despite the fact that she should have seen this irony in his character a long time ago. Michaella McCollum was tricked into helping him smuggle cocaine over the border. Due to her lack of geographical knowledge, the girl was unable to comprehend the sites he described to her.

Her whole time spent in Ibiza, she was oblivious to the warning signs. To deflect her friend’s attempts to stop her, she seemed as though she really needed the money so she could continue partying, but in fact she was simply being greedy. She lost all ability to communicate with her loved ones after she fell into the clutches of the drug traffickers. Not even the sight of a pistol stopped her from carrying on with her drug dealing.

Melissa Reid and McCollum attempted to take cocaine back to Spain, but Melissa was spared while McCollum was mocked for his looks. The “Peru Two,” as they were dubbed, even attempted to deceive law enforcement by claiming that they had been threatened with guns if they didn’t help with the smuggling.

The audience may be confused by Michaella McCollum’s first-person narration, as no criminal in history has ever so readily acknowledged to his or her crime. McCollum handles most of the talking, with brief cameos from Melissa Reid at the beginning and end. The attempted smuggling of kilos of cocaine by these two ladies sent shockwaves across the globe, particularly in Peru.

From what I’ve seen, the four-part documentary explains a lot about what turns seemingly ordinary people become drug peddlers. Michaella McCollum, a convicted murderer, patiently describes her ordeal in prison and explains the whole system. There have been two main time periods studied. The first one takes place before she was jailed, while the second one describes her time spent behind bars.

Prior events illustrate how impressionable she was as a teenager and how easily she might have been taken advantage of by a drug dealer. Michaella McCollum is a talented and motivated young woman in her second act. The media has been relentless in its coverage of her personal life. That she was still evaluated and criticised even after dying her hair blond after being freed from prison is shown at the end.

Michaella McCollum changed for the better behind bars. A possible explanation for this shift is because the jail was notoriously harsh even by Peruvian standards. She put forth effort, learning new skills like hairstyling and saving up for her trials, but it seems like she may have been fortunate.

The narrative seems promising till the conclusion of the second episode, but then it’s simply her making peace with her past. It’s hard to think that a 19-year-old woman is so clueless about the world. The same factor hampered my ability to follow the show. The series has included many breathtaking landscapes because to McCollum’s frequent visits to exotic regions specifically for the purpose of playing the role of a tourist. So many stunning locations have been included while telling her narrative.

The term “mule” has been included into the title since it is often used to refer to people involved in the most menial aspects of the drug trade. McCollum does a good job of telling her narrative, but readers should not put all their trust in her words; they need think for themselves. The public should also learn that the news is seldom presented in black and white, so they can’t put their faith in the media. Always, they’ll intentionally throw in a few unexpected turns to spice things up. Both the media and the legal system put McCollum on trial. The media trial, however, was far more severe, with even her hair colour being called into doubt.

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