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Karthikeya 2 | August 13, 2022 (India) Summary: A sequel to mystic thriller Karthikeya (2014), which deals with the personal problems of Karthik and how he comes out of them. His pursuit of the truth leads him to find out the power of Ind... Read all
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Karthikeya 2 2022 Movie Review

Karthikeya 2 2022, The events in Karthikeya 2 represent a new chapter in the life of Dr. Karthik. Curiosity continues to motivate him, but the recent turn of events has convinced him that it is no longer appropriate to evaluate everything through the prism of science and logic. A disclaimer at the beginning of the movie reveals that it is a work of fiction inspired by real events. In a later part of the movie, one of the characters explains that the Gods are our ancestors and that what we call mythology is really history. The crucial piece of evidence in this tale is an anklet worn by Lord Krishna, which has been secretly stashed away in a remote part of the planet and is said to have the solutions to all of the issues facing the globe.

This narrative gets its start when Prof. Rao, an archaeologist, visits a library in Pantainos, Greece, and picks up on a few historical facts there. This is what gets the ball rolling for the rest of the story. When Dr. Karthik goes to Dwaraka with his mother, he finds himself in a precarious situation since he is in no way affiliated with the professor (Tulasi). Karthik receives assistance from the professor’s granddaughter Mugdha (Anupama), who attended the Banaras Hindu University and majored in Hindu semiotics. The circumstances surrounding their interaction are quite similar to those in The Da Vinci Code.

Along with Karthik’s uncle Sadananda (Srinivasa Reddy), a devoted follower of Krishna, the characters embark on an exciting adventure that takes them to Dwaraka, Beyt Dwaraka, Mathura, Radha Kund, Bundelkhand, and Himachal Pradesh. As the plot progresses throughout different places, the production designer Sahi Suresh, the cinematographer Karthik Ghattamaneni, and the editor Kaala Bhairava perform an excellent job, and they are aided in the appropriate way by Kaala Bhairava’s background soundtrack.

The story, on the other hand, does not make the most of the opportunities it presents to be a nail-biting thriller. The acts of the characters are overexplained in a number of the scenes’ conversations. The characters are forced to engage in unnecessary back and forth dialogue, which delays the resolution of the primary problem.

Additionally, there is a lack of seamless integration between the aspects of religion and the thriller. The narrative often stops to preach and praise various beliefs, which weakens the overall impact of the thriller.

There are a few different items, such as an old telescope, a building in the form of a peacock, and an anklet, that are responsible for moving the plot forward. The hunt for the anklet, set against a religious and cultural background, may possibly have been the basis for a fantastical story, such to those shown in the old Kodi Ramakrishna films. Only in the latter act does the film take on a more suspenseful tone, laying the groundwork for Karthikeya 3.

The performances, including Nikhil’s understated acting and Anupama’s powerful performance, are in line with what the plot demands of them. Harsha Chemudu portrays a kind Muslim driver who assists the protagonists in their quest. Both Praveen and Satya had cameos in this episode.

Karthikeya 2 is being co-produced by the same people who were responsible for The Kashmir Files, and they are aware of how to capitalise on the current social and political climate. If the plot of Karthikeya 2 had been stripped of its moralising undertones, the film would have been a compelling thriller.

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