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Modern Love Tokyo | October 21, 2022 (United States) Summary: Plot under wraps. Japanese adaptation of Prime Video's "Modern Love."
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Modern Love Tokyo 2022 Season 1 Review

Modern Love Tokyo 2022, In each episode of the show, the emphasis is shifted to a new facet of love, and viewers are shown the numerous ways in which love may take shape in the world via a diverse range of interpersonal connections.

Episode 1: Is the story of a mother’s love for her child and how she struggles to accept the fact that she can’t always be perfect but that she doesn’t have to be in order to receive the love of her children. The story also shows how the mother learns that she doesn’t need to be perfect in order to receive the love of her children.

Episode 2: Examines the relationship between sexuality and romantic love, as well as the impact that the intricacies of a couple’s sexual life may have on the health of their marriage. Kana acquires the knowledge that she cannot find a definitive solution to all of her issues, and the concept of what she wants out of life becomes much more distinct in her mind.

Episode 3: Focuses on the concept that there is no upper age limit for romantic relationships and how love may be found at any age. Two individuals who had a run-in earlier in life that ended up being a negative experience for both of them are thrown back together again, but this time under quite different circumstances.

Episode 4: Discusses depression and how it impacts a person’s life as well as the lives of those closest to them. Both Kengo and Mai choose to remain by each other’s sides during this trying period since Mai does not have much control over the situation, and Kengo can only provide his support.

Episode 5: Is about a lady who is living alone and how she has a relationship with an unknown guy who is passing himself off as someone else. Even after she was made aware of the reality, she continued to spend time with him since the two of them brought joy to one other.

Episode 6: Recounts the story of two individuals living on opposite sides of the world who meet online and watch as their relationship develops into a beautiful one filled with love throughout the course of their time together.

Episode 7: Is a story of a young woman who is going through a phase of low self-esteem until she hears an old song that jolts her memory and reminds her of a happy time in her life when she was in high school. She also recalls some wonderful advise, which she ultimately follows, which results in an unexpectedly positive conclusion.

Performance: The whole of the ensemble turns up solid performances, but none really stands out. As the anxious Mari, Asami Mizukawa delivers a nuanced portrayal as the character. She is the epitome of a concerned mother and plays the part to perfection.
Both Kaho, who represents a person suffering from depression, and Ryo Narita, who plays the role of the woman’s kind and supporting husband, are fantastic in their roles as a pair navigating the pitfalls of depression in the film.

Even if the performers aren’t expected to put in a lot of effort since the plots have such minimal stakes, they are nonetheless able to provide performances that are artistically attractive.

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