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Modiji ki beti | October 14, 2022 (India) Summary:
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Modi Ji Ki Beti 2022 Movie Review

Modi Ji Ki Beti 2022, A case of mistaken identification is the subject of the movie “Modi Ji Ki Beti,” which was produced by AE Creatives and Brandex Entertainment. An actress by the name of Avani Modi has been caught on camera claiming to be the daughter of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to Avani Modi, every female in India is also Modi ji’s daughter, just like her. Her response is edited by the station in such a manner that it makes it look as if Avani Modi is in fact the daughter of Prime Minister Modi. Avani’s fame skyrockets as a direct result of this video becoming viral. Bilal (Pitobash Tripathi) and Tauseef (Vikram Kochhar), two trainee terrorists in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, are anxious to become feared terrorists; nevertheless, they have been kicked out of their training programme by Sajjad Khan (Rajveer Ahuja), their trainer, since both of them are fools. Assuming that Avani Modi is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s daughter, Bilal and Tauseef make the decision to kidnap Avani. They make the crossing into Kashmir, which is located in India and is where Avani has gone to shoot a song. They eventually end up in Pakistan with Avani after kidnapping her. However, they quickly discover that Avani is not Modi’s daughter. They come to the conclusion that she should be returned to India, but Avani does not want to leave Pakistan just yet since the story of her abduction has become a major topic of discussion in India, which has contributed to an increase in her popularity there. Avani is taken captive when Bilal and Tauseef implicate Sajjad Khan, who then murders the two men. During this period, Major Omar, played by Tarun Khanna, has been tasked with the mission of rescuing Avani from her captors. What comes next is not clear.

It is strange because Avani Modi’s narrative and script are both so unbelievable and childish in nature. It is hard to fathom how anybody could be unaware of the fact that Avani Modi is not the daughter of Prime Minister Modi. A major crime like the abduction of a girl, who is believed to be the daughter of the Indian Prime Minister, is handled with such immaturity in regard to the screenplay, and as a result, the drama is unable to keep the audience’s attention or interest. The audience is neither amused or startled in any way by the events that are taking place. Because everything seems to be so absurd, the spectators are unable to take anything seriously. In other words, the audience is unable to become interested in the drama or get immersed in it. Avani Modi’s talks are average.

Avani Modi performs an average job as Avani Modi. Pitobash Tripathi does a respectable job as Bilal. Vikram Kochhar doesn’t stand out as particularly impressive in the character of Tauseef. In the little part of Major Omar, Tarun Khanna delivers an adequate job overall. In the position of Sajjad Khan, Rajveer Ahuja is there to provide everyday assistance. Kavita Ghai is so-so. Both Pyarali Nayani in the role of the Pakistani ambassador and Aditya Yadav in the role of the surveillance officer pass muster.

The direction provided by Eddy Singh is uninteresting. His narration is not engaging enough to keep the audience’s attention throughout. The music, contributed by Marc D. Muse-Parry G., Uzair Khan Chughtai, and Santokh Singh, falls short of expectations. The lyrics are hardly anything to get excited about. Functional song picturizations were created by D.C. David and Jasmine Oza. The background music that Vijay Verma uses is rather poor. The camerawork that Subhransu Das does is adequate. The action and stunt sequences in Ajay Thakur Pathania’s film are dull. The art direction, which was handled by Dinesh Shinde and Amarchand, scarcely deserves to be mentioned. The editing done by Pravin Angre might have been much better.

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