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Purple Hearts | July 29, 2022 (United States) Summary: In spite of their many differences, Cassie, a struggling singer-songwriter, and Luke, a troubled Marine, agree to marry solely for military benefits. But when tragedy strikes, the line betwe... Read all
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Purple Hearts 2022 Movie Review

Purple Hearts 2022, Maybe one day a movie will be made in which the hurriedly planned marriage of convenience between two complete strangers does not blossom into true love but rather leads to mutual resentment and a satisfying breakup. Until then, romantics may wallow in schmaltzy fare like “Purple Hearts,” a story of opposites attracting that, but for the Iraq War setting and some current social-justice talking points, might have been created at any time in the previous seventy years. With Disney-raised singer-actor Sofia Carson in the lead role of an independent-minded Latina singer-songwriter who marries a conservative Marine for insurance benefits, only to have military tragedy bring them closer together, this glossy but gloopy Netflix original is primarily out to serve its leading lady’s legions of fans, some of whom may be young enough to have not seen it all before.

For those millions, director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum provides ample fan service by halting the plot for music video-style performance interludes based around Carson’s own pleasant midtempo pop melodies, plus a couple of cannily rejiggered covers. (Fans of Neil Diamond’s more traditional work, take notice.) Cassie is a character who barely manages to set herself apart from the stock Nicholas Sparks romantic heroine with her scattershot collection of tattoos and progressive political credentials; Black Lives Matter and queer-rights flags fly proudly from the balcony of her improbably spacious walk-up apartment in Oceanside. It’s a shame the screenplay watered down Cassie’s fiery anti-military position once she started getting intimate with hot commander spouse Luke (British dreamboat Nicholas Galitzine, from last year’s tween-targeted “Cinderella”), but that’s just love and compromise for you.

Since the recruits who frequent the dive bar where Cassie serves and sometimes sings have a reputation for being boisterous and chauvinist, she makes it clear right off the bat that she will not tolerate any dating between troops. Even though tall, straight-backed Luke is more gentlemanly than his fellow Marines, she is unimpressed by his right-wing defence of the principles for which they stand: “You tweet about other people’s rights, but when it comes to fighting for those rights, you don’t want to do anything, because guns are mean.” ‘Do you have a Ph.D. in mansplaining?’ she retorts. What screenwriters Kyle Jarrow and Liz W. Garcia imagine as passionate back-and-forth is more akin to a snippy online argument between complete strangers: But at least now we know where to draw the line.

Cupid takes the unanticipated road of a potentially fatal illness and the dysfunctional healthcare system in the United States. After a severe diabetic emergency leaves Cassie without the money to pay for her insulin prescription, she comes up with the idea of marrying a Marine in order to obtain spousal medical insurance; when her childhood friend Frankie (Chosen Jacobs), who is already engaged, declines her proposal, Luke steps up to the altar. It turns out that he needs the benefits to pay off a threatening drug debt from his wilder pre-military past, so he has his own pragmatic motivations for doing so. They secretly tied the knot days before he was about to leave for Iraq, pretending to be madly in love in front of his military colleagues so that he wouldn’t face a court-martial if the truth ever came out.

Cassie has only recently become a military wife, but she is already enjoying unexpected benefits: a mushy song she wrote for the troops has gone viral, catapulting her to new heights as a musician. The film does not question her abrupt, cynical transformation from anti-military firebrand to someone who prefaces a song with a “this goes out to all you American heroes” dedication, which would make for a more intriguing film. In this case, it’s only a matter of love winning out over doubt, of following one’s heart rather than one’s brain. Meanwhile, politically, “Purple Hearts” remains staunchly loyal to both sides, supporting Cassie in her occasional spot-on rants and painting a glittering, ennobling vision of Marine devotion even after a strongly foreshadowed tragedy occurs in action and Luke returns to California a shattered man.

Can their makeshift union weather this storm? Will Luke regain his manly self-assurance and walk with a strut? Will charming first dates over breakfast tacos be enough to smooth over their fundamental differences? Will her sudden success in music continue practically independently of her troubled personal life? Sir yes sir, universally — the only real question in “Purple Hearts” is how few of Cassie’s more fascinating ideals she will be permitted to preserve by the time she and Luke recommit to one other, this time without deception. (The fact that neither of these enticing, gorgeous persons has any other romantic interests is a plus.) He forewarns her, “Where I come from, marriage is for love, and for life.” She laughs it off at first, but she eventually comes around to the idea that a husband is merely a soulmate you haven’t met yet in this enjoyable but frustratingly old-fashioned wisp of a picture.

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