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Reign of Chaos | April 12, 2022 (United Kingdom) Summary: When the world is gripped by a plague unleashed by the evil lord Chaos, and humans are turned into rabid creatures, mankind can only be saved by three young women, descendants of a Goddess, ... Read all

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Reign of Chaos 2022 Movie Review

Reign of Chaos 2022, With an opening narration that explains that chaos has literally ravaged earth (it’s the god Chaos), with a plague of the gods that is overwhelming mankind, turning humans into rabid savages, each infecting the next, Reign of Chaos sets its stall out from the get-go, with an opening narration that explains that the god Chaos is responsible for the chaos that has ravaged earth. However, descendants of the goddess Nike (yes, that is a god, not just a sneaker manufacturer), have the ability to put a stop to what is taking place; however, there are those who would hunt them down and kill them, all in the name of chaos, leaving only a select few alive… Those few who are still alive are… If there were ever a time when a tale about the biblical apocalypse needed an excuse for a tiny cast, this would be it.

Reign of Chaos follows the fortunes of three of these descendants (I told you this was a small-scale story), who are plucked from their lives by a stranger (Peter Cosgrove; Escape from Cannibal Farm, Winterskin) who looks like he’s stepped out of Pirates of the Caribbean rather than being someone who is going to train the saviours of humanity! And train them he does, in a clichéd training montage that develops into a battle against a gang of barbarians known as “joiners” who raid their training facility, an old gym. This fight is a cliche since it is a fight against barbarians. This implies that these ladies use boxing movements as well as wrestling moves in order to bring down the monsters.

In reference to the female characters, one thing that can be mentioned about Proportion Productions (or Jagged Edge films) is that they are aware of how to cast powerful actresses in the roles of the female protagonists and make an effort to do so. In addition to that, they have FEMALE LEADS(!). It does not always work, particularly when the organisation works with young talent that is on the rise; yet, in this case, they have together three ladies who function effectively both together and as individuals. Rebecca Finch, who plays our primary protagonist, has previously acted in The Flash, Doctors, and the revival of Charmed. She also participated in the 2019 film Cyber Bride, which was also written by Tom Joliffe! Her two “sisters” in Reign of Chaos, Georgia Wood and Rita Di Tuccio – both of whom have appeared in other Scott Jeffrey/Rebecca Matthews films before – aren’t slouches either; however, Finch clearly has the experience, and you can see that in her performance from the very moment she appears on the screen. However, her performance in Reign of Chaos is where her experience shines through the most.

Regarding the remainder of the cast, it is important to single out Du’aine A. Samuels, who portrays the role of bar owner Gavin, for particular recognition. Brilliant comedic relief Samuels imbues Gavin and the film with a true human element, smiling in the face of probable death. This provides, if you will, a counterweight to the more super-human or supernatural components of the film that are shown in it.

Not only have our three heroines become skilled fighters, but they have also developed super-human abilities, so when the time comes for them to face off against the forces of chaos, they physically put on their combat gear (in black catsuits made of “leather,” of all things) to do so. Therefore, it may be said that Reign of Chaos eventually seems very much like the British version of The Asylum’s Avengers Grimm — another low-budget superhero-esque story of humans preventing the Earth from being destroyed. However, when it comes time for the final battle, there is nothing but fistfighting and techno music, and everyone is dressed in black as if they are participating in some type of Matrix-inspired antics! In addition to this, the customary monologue of the villainous bad guy, which ultimately leads to his end, is shown to us. and the foundation for a potential second instalment.

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