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Rise of Empires: Ottoman | January 24, 2020 (United Arab Emirates) Summary: Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II wages an epic campaign to take the Byzantine capital of Constantinople and shapes the course of history for centuries.
Languages: Turkish, English, Latin, Arabic, Greek, Italian

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Rise of Empires Ottoman 2020 Season 1 Review

Rise of Empires Ottoman 2020 There aren’t many people who can rightfully claim the title “global conqueror,” but there’s good reason why Mehmed II was commonly referred to as “Mehmed the Conqueror.” Following the fall of Constantinople, Rise of Empires combines narration and professional analysis with dramatic reenactments that will be familiar to anyone who saw The Last Czars last year. Ottoman is an interesting and instructional series that wisely takes the approach of showcasing more action with the narration, with a focus on warfare and strategic battle strategy.

The six-part series begins with Mehmet, newly crowned emperor after his father’s death, desperately trying to win over the people after a series of rebellions rock the empire. To that end, he sets his sights on the “Butterfly” city of Constantinople, a Roman-ruled crossing point between Asia and Europe. The series then moves on to detail the events leading up to the fight and the subsequent challenges that Mehmet II faced in the field and at home.

There is a wealth of information here that is worth your time, from the innovative use of ships to navigate spy-filled woodlands to the use of cannons (8 metre long “Basilica” in the first episode) to assault city walls. Ottoman, like Hannibal and The Punic Wars before it, is essentially a tutorial in military warfare, and it does a great job of demonstrating this throughout the series.

The story is driven by a succession of passionate narrators who do an excellent job of developing the characters and setting. These are handled in much the same way as the aforementioned Last Czars, with cutaways to face to face interviews. Personally, Celal Cengal is a clear fave here, with exaggerated mannerisms, an unwavering excitement and some fantastic colloqualistic vocabulary that truly helps you comprehend what’s occurring. That’s not to discount the other characters, of course, but I have a feeling he’ll end up being a fan favourite by the end of the season.

Seeing the screen filled with shades of blood red is both a cruelly ironic symbol of the bloodshed that went into the conquest of this city and an informative guide as to how the Ottomans actually accomplished this feat, and there are a good amount of animations, expository text, and diagrams that help to paint a portrait. However, there is also some background on Mehmed and his life that is interesting to learn about.

There are some glaring flaws that ruin the good times. The last scene of the first episode, in which Mehmed II runs his hands through corn, is reminiscent of a scene from Gladiator, and the final scene, in which Mehmed looks directly at the camera and smiles before saying “Now it begins,” is a bit cheesy, especially after such an epic explanation of the significance of this victory. The cameraman’s questionable technique of cutting between views of the same person’s face three or four times is mildly irritating, but the face-to-face narration is compelling.

Despite a few minor issues, Rise of Empires: Ottoman is an interesting and enlightening series on a time period I know very little about. The dramatic reenactments, in contrast to The Last Czars, sensibly devote a sizable portion of the performance to the actual fighting and action. All things considered, this is good news for Ottoman, and maybe this is a trend Netflix can maintain going ahead, especially since the History Channel seems to have abandoned these sorts of documentaries a long time ago. Even though it has certain problems, Ottoman is an improvement over The Last Czars and an interesting addition to Netflix’s burgeoning documentary library because of its focus on battle and its six episodes.

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