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The Warriorr | July 14, 2022 (India) Summary: When Satya raises his voice against Guru, the latter revolts and bashes the former to hell. Satya makes a comeback as a cop to take revenge on Guru and put an end to his crime in Kurnool cit... Read all
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The Warriorr 2022 Movie Review

The Warriorr 2022, All the pieces are in place for a spectacular, all-out battle between two protagonists. They all ditch their weapons, but one of them, Satya (Ram Pothineni in uniform), tosses away the handgun that he keeps on the bike’s gas tank. Part of the crowd starts laughing at something that should make them nervous. At this point, the audience has already decided they aren’t going to take the film seriously, so their response to this absurd shot is predictable.

The Tamil-Telugu dictionary that was written by Lingusamy A “doctor police” officer plays the role of the policeman in The Warriorr, a reportedly “different” spin on the usual cat-and-mouse game between a cop and a bad guy. To help the people of Kurnool (or Madurai in the Tamil version), Satya becomes a doctor and travels there. A new Deputy Superintendent of Police with a goal, Satya returns to his hometown after a string of misfortunes involving the local don, Guru (Aadhi Pinisetty).

The Warriorr has a dull plot made worse by its bland scene writing and its standard screenplay style. Lingusamy’s effort at paying homage to all real-life doctors-turned-police heroes hinges on the officer arriving to a mass scene in an ambulance, yet even the primary characters are underdeveloped. Because “I am the doctor and the cops here,” he prescribes medication to the goons he beats.

In this case, a great villain would have done wonders for this story. Even though Aadhi’s Guru started out promising, the villain’s brutality ultimately led to the hero’s downfall. For his part, Guru makes a dramatic entrance and tells a chilling story about how he creates a forest out of tree saplings for each of his victims. Lingusamy even has Lal, who portrayed a fantastic villain in the director’s 2005 smash Sandakozhi, make a brief appearance as an antagonist whose single goal is to be vanquished by Guru. It comes as a shock, though, when even Guru turns out to be a hollow imitation of what we had hoped for.

Good police action dramas have paved the way for modern mass hero vehicles by rethinking language composition and delivery. The conversation writing in The Warriorr is shockingly bad. The villain makes this allegation shortly after his first appearance. Whoever is the target of the next shot is someone we already know.

A pointless romance subplot with Satya and Whistle Mahalakshmi (Krithi Shetty) occupies quite a lot of screen time, which is otherwise devoted to plot holes. They need to break into song after every conversation, but at least Ram’s dancing was amusing. Some performers, like Krithi, seem to have solely filmed in Telugu, while others, like Ram (whose Tamil diction is commendable) and Aadhi, appear to have shot in both languages, leading to shaky lip sync.

It’s a huge bummer that The Warriorr will have to be dubbed a Tamil-Telugu multilingual. Most of the film’s crucial events take place in front of the Konda Reddy Fort in Kurnool, despite the fact that we are led to think that they occur in Madurai. While it’s true that the film studiously avoids any other cultural or geographical connections, the fact that the hero’s bullet bike (a focal point of the film) has both an Andhra Pradesh and a Tamil Nadu licence plate doesn’t help matters. Actually, the horrible visual effects cause the licence plate to change in the middle of the action in only one shot. The cherry on top is that Krithi’s character solely uses Madurai dialect throughout the Jallikattu action.

It’s a shame that the picture falls short in so many ways given how ambitious it is. Although previous films like Ayyappanum Koshiyum (Bheemla Nayak), in which an ego trip was enough to generate a solid conflict, have succeeded in keeping audiences engaged via strong emotional beats, this script fails to provide any. Even though Ram Pothineni, as Satya, puts his emotions on his sleeve, this film is a disappointing debut for him in Tamil and a continuation of Lingusamy’s arduous quest for atonement.

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