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TVF Tripling | August 28, 2016 (India) Summary: Divorced, jobless, hopeless. Three siblings plan a road trip together. Chandan, Chanchal & Chitvan. Together they start a hilarious journey, to find themselves and their relations..
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Tripling 2022 Season 3 Review

Tripling 2022, Chitwan (Amol Parashar) comes back to his camp spot feeling down and down. Chitwan asks Chandan in a sad tone, “Baba may I receive a hug?” (Sumeet Vyas). It’s a great moment that exemplifies how one of the internet’s most popular programmes has endured through numerous ups and downs, creative blunders, and a whole streaming development, all because it continues to be emotionally powerful. For season three, the kids are back at home and it’s their parents who sort of need them. The format is quite similar to the groundbreaking first season, but this time around, age gaps are blurred as nostalgia and family problems affect everyone. Tripling’s third season provides proof, once again, of TVF’s capacity to wring emotion out of the mundane, even if it isn’t always convincing. This is especially true for a small number of unbelievable setups and segues the series indulges in.

The three kids start off this season learning that their parents are getting a divorce. Away from their own daily routines, the trio decides to take a journey to an unspecified location in the hills (in the first season it was Manali). In every episode of Tripling, we’ve checked in on our three main characters. In this case, everyone brings their own problems with them: Chandan is experiencing a creative slump, Chitwan is living on the streets, and Chanchal feels weighed down by her status as a member of the royal family. That’s essentially the premise of the whole season, which is presented in very brief 25-minute instalments. Upon returning home, the three siblings find that a lot has changed during their absence, and not all of it is to their liking.

The second season was a strange and ultimately incomprehensible attempt to move away from the show’s core strength, the strong family dynamic. Season 3 of Tripling seems like a return to the show’s roots as an odd dramedy about a family who, although not estranged, had forgotten what it’s like to live together. Though it doesn’t accomplish much to break new ground this season, the show does unveil a new weapon in its arsenal of understatement. As the show’s focus shifts to Amol Parashar, once the jester, it becomes a sombre examination of the effects of solitude. The series’ last two episodes deliver a crushing emotional blow with his journey from the goofy, wanton playboy of the first season to the hesitant grownup.

While Parashar remains a constant in this third season, it is Kumud Mishra who provides the bulk. Is there now a more talented actor in our nation who specialises in romantic roles than Mishra? He’s endearing, charismatic, and, in a climactic debate that serves as a release valve, mesmerising. The Tripling parents have traditionally been depicted as liberal cosmonauts who look down on their defective offspring from a great distance. But this season, they take their aloofness to new heights—one that is improbable but not completely unbelievable. In doing so, TVF practically undoes the wrongs of Baghban by giving power back to the parental role, who are thus shown as the youngest members of society. That’s probably what life teaches you; to let go of the things you can’t control.

Despite its brief length, the third season has not been without its issues. Neither Maanvi Gagroo’s Chanchal nor Amit Chakraborty’s Chandan can tackle the problems that are ultimately their responsibility. Kunal Roy Kapoor is entertaining to watch as the resurrected Pranav, but he isn’t given much to work with beyond Pranav’s awkward routine sloth and the royal support he enjoys. Prashar, in contrast, is given more breathing space than he has had in past seasons, maybe as cosmic retribution for consistently providing more amusement than the show needs. In this, his most famous part to date (even surpassing Bhagat Singh in Sardar Udham), he proves his genius in ways beyond sheer volume and eccentricity, making him a legitimate contender for “best actor” honours.

This style of breezy storytelling, known as “tripling,” is entertaining but not very literary. It clings to progressive concepts, makes up handy revelations, and is just too dry at times to support a tale that is anything more than a jumbled list of must-do activities. Sometimes it’s just too silly to be taken seriously, and the fact that all three seasons are available on three separate streaming services may be proof of that. The show’s reputation was severely damaged by its second season, but in its third appearance, it’s back to what it does best: focusing on family. The series’ makers have come to the obvious conclusion that the show has always been about the conflict between new and old, between the strange and the familiar. There is no way to imagine one’s childhood, adolescence, or adult life without their sibling, parent, or childhood.

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