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Unhuman | June 3, 2022 (United States) Summary: A group of high school students whose school bus crashes on a field trip. Relationships are tested once they realize they are being stalked by an attacker who intends to drive them out and s... Read all
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Unhuman 2022, To be honest, I had no idea a picture by director Marcus Dunstan and his longtime co-writer Patrick Melton would include such a shocking twist. The three Feast movies were funny at times, but the partnership is more well-known for their dramatic works, such as the subsequent Saw movies and Dunstan’s The Collector and The Collector 2.

Ever (Brianne Tju; 47 Meters Down: Uncaged; Three Months) has to cope with her overprotective mother before getting picked up by her closest friend Tamra (Ali Gallo; Before I Go), who almost strikes Randall (Benjamin Wadsworth; Preydators; Joy Comes in the Morning). The students are going on a field trip, so it’s all okay.

And before you know it, they’re on the bus with Mr. Lorenzo (Peter Giles, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Final Fantasy VII Remake) telling them the rules and confiscating their phones to make sure they pay attention. And it happens, the bus crashes just as a report of a chemical weapons strike comes over the radio, and not only does cheerleader Jacey (Lo Graham, Swamp Shark, Miami Magma) injure her nose, but a zombie eats Mr. Lorenzo.

I was really expecting Unhuman would become Lord of the Flies meets Dawn of the Dead after the survivors barricaded themselves inside a nearby, deserted building. A clearer predictor of the film’s premise is the slogan, “The dead will have this club for breakfast,” which describes how the many high school clichés will have to work together in order to live.

They are, in fact, stereotypical. Ever is the smart Asain girl, Danny (Uriah Shelton, Freaky, Enter the Warriors Gate) is Jacey’s bully of a lover, and Randall (you guessed it) is a DnD-playing geek. And although I’m not a fan of either The Collector or the Saw films, the characters were given sufficient depth to make clear the motivations for the murders. Within this context, they are only stereotypes.

Assuming the movie has enough exciting moments to keep the audience engaged, we could forgive this. But as a horror picture, Unhuman falls flat. Zombies lack the normal evidence of wounds and decomposition, making them uninteresting to look at, yet when a child is bitten, illness symptoms become apparent. That’s not the only incongruity in their portrayal; the first one just strolls up to the bus and knocks on the door, and the rest of them show no brains whatsoever as they attempt to bash their way through everything that stands between them and a meal.

The assaults of Unhuman are also staged in a somewhat dull manner, sometimes making use of slow or sped up action to make them seem less menacing. Although Dunstan is quite good at setting up torture situations, he seems to be at a loss when it comes to the technical aspects of an assault scene. They’re also not too gory, but there is a memorable moment of throat-biting.

Near the conclusion of the second act, Unhuman starts to go in a new direction as some of the characters start to believe that this isn’t as random as it seems. For some reason, their presence in this structure feels predestined. I won’t give anything away about the film’s climax, but I will say that it has one of those turns that will make you either laugh or roll your eyes. Moreover, the film’s greatest sequences of violence were not enough to win me over, despite the fact that they were some of the best work the picture has to offer technically. The ending voiceover, reminiscent of The Breakfast Club, doesn’t help matters. Even if it’s darkly humorous, a sequence in the middle of the credits doesn’t help.

Perhaps Unhuman would have been more successful if Dunstan and Melton had been allowed to be more cruel and savage if it weren’t a streaming picture. A high school anti-bullying message would have been welcome, but as it is the film is just somewhat scary. With recent releases like The Sadness, now is not the time to release a subpar zombie movie.

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